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Head shot of Ryan Payne infront of a beige wall.

Ryan Payne


Ryan is excited to be helping Swift clients on a new level as he officially purchased Swift Company from Terry Alfermann in 2019. Ryan started working at Swift in 2008 and he has grown to love his work and the company over the years. Before joining Swift he obtained his BS in Construction Management from Missouri State in 1997. After completing his degree he worked for a variety of residential and commercial construction companies across the nation. He made his way back to Missouri and discovered Swift and the rest was history. When Terry mentioned his plans to retire to Ryan he felt that he would love to lead the company moving forward and they made plans to transition seamlessly and comfortably. Ryan loves working directly with each of his clients and he takes pride in helping them make their dreams a reality. He also values his team members and he considers them family. When Ryan isn’t working he loves spending time with his family—he has three grandsons and four beagles that keep him on his toes! He also loves to play guitar and trains in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Head shot of Braden Bence with a Swift hat on infront of a beige wall.

Braden Bence

Operations Manager

Head shot of Arianna Payne infront of a beige wall.

Arianna Payne

Commercial Project Manager

Arianna has worked at Swift since 2018. Her areas of expertise are 3-D design rendering and interior painting. Arianna loves being part of the family business and working with her father. When Arianna isn’t working she loves spending time with her son and reading. Her favorite book is Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

Head shot of Gary Vaughan with a swift hat on infront of a beige wall.

Gary Vaughan

Residential Project Manager

Gary has worked at Swift since 2001. His areas of expertise are interior & exterior home remodeling and warranty-related improvements. Gary loves working on new projects every week. He loves the variety that each project presents. When he isn’t working he likes off-roading and camping in his RV in the great outdoors.

Head shot of Carl Blickhan infront of a beige wall.

Carl Blickhan

Project Supervisor

Head shot of Steve Dial with a swift hat on infront of a beige wall.

Steve Dial

Project Supervisor

Steve has worked at Swift since 1999. He has obtained status of a Master Carpenter over the years.. He really loves the camaraderie of working with everyone at Swift. He feels his team is made of friends – not just colleagues.  When he isn’t working he enjoys living in the moment and being in nature. He especially loves to hunt and fish. He also donates his time and carpentry skills to assist his church in helping communities throughout the nation every year.

Head shot of Randy Cramer in a Swift hat infront of a beige wall.

Randy Cramer

Project Supervisor

Randy has worked at Swift since 2008. His area of expertise is plumbing. He loves working with Swift clients. When each project is complete he feels he’s spent time helping family not just working with clients. When Randy isn’t working he likes to hunt and fish around Mid-Missouri.

Head shot of Nicole Payne infront of a beige wall.

Nicole Payne

Office Manager

Head shot of Jeff Ward in a Swift hat infront of a beige wall.

Jeff Ward “Sarge”

Sales Manager

Office Hours